Most people think that hair loss is a problem only for man and only man need hair transplant or hair surgery; however around 30% of females are struggling with female hair loss and looking for female hair transplant surgery as well. There are some common points on hair loss for both genders as both males and females today share nearly the same life standards and stress.

In many cases, hair loss that is a result of pregnancy, medical operations or some illnesses or stress can recover itself naturally in a period of time if the reason vanishes. But in many cases hair loss can be hereditary or about aging and never stops or even gets worse day by day. If you are experiencing the second situation, CliniCrew offers the most efficient hair loss solution and hair regrowth treatment for women.

Before case is diagnosed carefully, any type of hair loss or hair thinning should not be considered as a normal case. Hair regrowth and hair replacement for female hair loss treatment gives best results if we have the chance of early response. Hair loss solutions should be considered because hair loss dramatically influences quality of life for women.

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Causes of Hair Loss For Females

Below is a list of common causes for female hair loss

  • Trichotillomania: It is the result of some type of hair styling, which requires plucking of hair to have a certain pattern. It causes permanent loss o hair over time.
  • Telogen Effluvium: It is a condition that is the result of high stress in daily life caused by some illnesses such as high fever, deficiency after strict diet, high level of blood loss after an accident or heavy mensturation. It causes shedding over the whole area of crown.
  • Loose Anagen Syndrome: This is a very common type of hair loss. Hair falls easily when combing, because it is weak and has not been able to complete the regular growth cyle.
  • Scarring Alopecia: Scars in the sculp cause severe hair loss in this situation. Scars can be of any reason, tight-braiding, or any other illness of skin. A kind of Scarring Alopecia may be observed in postmenopausal period of women.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia : It is the most common type o hair loss that 20% of females suffer from. It is the epidemic thinning of hair on the crown.
  • Hypothyroidism: Deficiency in thyroid glands has some effect on female hair loss.
  • Alopecia Areata: It is a patchy loss of hair in the sculp, sometimes the eyebrows. No known reason exists for this recurrent dissease.
  • Pregnancy: The change of hormonal values causes hair loss.
  • Traction Alopecia: Tight-braiding and corn-rowing are the 2 reasons for TA. Tight-braiding and corn-rowing damage the sculp over time and cause hair loss.
  • Chemicals: Hair-styling chemicals and sometimes shampoo may result in hair loss.

Treatment for Female Hair Loss 

With the high rate of success it provides, hair transplantation is the most common way to defeat female hair loss. All female patients are satisfied with the results after transplantation process.

In some cases, hair transplanation may not be applicable, or will not give satifactory results. Your case will be consulted before the process and CliniCrew medical team will guide you for the best female hair transplant procedure. You will have the most realistic information about the results even before any surgical application.

About The Female Hair Transplant Surgery 

CliniCrew, the leading hair clinic in Turkey applies the most recent techniques. We use the Fue technique for hair loss treatment. What is FUE hair transplant ? As it provides a pain-free process of operation and minimal scars, patients will be able to leave the hopital in maximum comfort. Since the operation will take about 5 hours, the healing duration will be around 7-8 days, whereas operation and healing duration is x2 and bandages with pain at a considerable amount in the old methods. After fue hair extraction and replacement, hair transplant scars will be minimized.

This technique allows us to extract follicles individually from the donor area, and transplant them to the area of application. If the number of follicles for transplatation is less than 2000 complete hair shave is not required. Only the donor area is shaved. If the number of follicles goes over 2000, decission of whether to shave the head or not will be given during the consultation.

Patients suffering from hair loss will be our guests in Istanbul at CliniCrew Hair Transplantation Center for 3 days in total for the whole process of operations. 2 days after the operation, patients can go back to daily life and work.

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