Beard transplant and mustache transpalant have been  very common operations recently because beard and mustache are considered as two important facts for facial beauty, and a sign of manhood in many cultures. Thus, healthy and good looking beard and mustache is very important for most men. But many of them suffer from beardless face or unhealthy grown beard and mustache. In most cases those suffering from any beard or mustache abnormality don’t know how to overcome this issue.

CliniCrew offers you the best and easiest solution for beard loss or beard-baldness. Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation are succesfully applied in CliniCrew Hair Transplantation Centre. Beard transplant or mustache transplant results in a higher density of beard and mustache after a carefully planned process of beard and mustache treatment.

Using the latest technology and having the best beard mustache implantataion surgeons and crew in Turkey, CliniCrew serves you with the best price for it.

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What Are We Doing About Mustache And Beard Transplant

A similar but updated version of hair transplantation is used for the extraction of follicles for mustache and beard plantation. This technique is considered the best in terms of speed and best results, having no side effects and leading to no pain and minimal mustache or beard plantation scars.


Beard Transplant Process - Beard Transplant Turkey - Best Beard Transplant

The Steps Of Mustache And Beard Transplant

The procedures followed for mustache and beard implantation are very much similar to those of hair transplantation. In the first step, the lines for beard will be drawn according to the desire of the patient, but shape of the face is taken into consideration as well for natural look.

Then, after anaesthesia follicles are extracted using the latest technology under the expertise of CliniCrew specialist surgeons.

The next step is the selection of follicles that are suitable for plantation on the face. Not all follicles will be suitable for implantation in the face skin. Considering the growth angle, suitable follicles are planted in the opened channels carefully so as to achieve a natural look when beard and mustache grows.

Finally, application area is cleaned, washed and sterilized against any infection.

Beard Transplant Process - Beard Transplant Turkey - Best Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant Process - Beard Transplant Turkey - Best Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant Process - Beard Transplant Turkey - Best Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant Process - Beard Transplant Turkey - Best Beard Transplant


→ How many follicles should be grafted for a successful Mustache and Beard implantatition?

The number of follicles to be extracted from donor area depends on the density needed.

  • 4500 – 5000 follicles for bald beard
  • 3000 – 3500 follicles for higher density of beard
  • 1000 – 2000 follicles for partial baldness


→ How long is the operation for Mustache and Beard transplantation?

The process of  extraction of follicles is the same as hair transplantation. An operation of extraction for hair transplant takes up to 2 hours 30 minutes, whereas for beard and mustache its shorter because the number of follicles required will possibly be less than hair transplantation. On the contrary, the planting duration will be longer because of the nature of human face. Gouging holes and planting follicles in the holes will be very slow for maximum success of natural look and density when compared to hair transplantation process.


→ If the follicles are donated from the sculp, do I have Mustache & Beard or hair similar to what I have on my head?

Even if the follicles are from your sculp, after implantation follicles will grow as your natural beard, same quality and similar characteristics but nothing similar to the hair on your head.


→ Do I feel pain in the Mustache & Beard tranplantation process?

The only thing you will feel is the injection for anaestesia which takes about 3 minutes for the donation area and 5 minutes for the face. All applications after anaestesia are pain-free.


→ Is there any side effect for Mustache & Mustache Beard Transplantation?

As any surgical operation will have some impact on patients, beard & mustache transplantation will have some similar efects; such as rubescence and swelling. Patients will be informed after the operation, as long as all procedures for sterilization and health care are followed no serious sideefects are expected after mustache & beard transplantation. As stated above, the only expected side effect expected after mustache & beard transplantation is falling hair, which is a very natural process.


→ Timeline of hair growth after a Mustache & Beard transplant

∴ 1 to 2 week, you will witness some hair fall.

∴ 2 to 3 months, you will notice hair growth on your face, very slow.

∴ 4 to 5 months, a considerable amount o hair grown on your face.

∴ 7 to 8 months, the final results of operation. All well grown beards and mustache.

→ When will I shave my Beard and Mustache?

In the first 10 days, you are strictly forbidden to cut or shave any hair on your face. As a part of natural growth of hair you will notice some hair fall in the first 2 weeks, and you should not interfere this natural process. You will be able to cut your beard and mustache after 2 weeks, but you are only allowed to use scissors, no razor blades or shavers. 5 months after the operation you can use any shavers and razor blades that will not harm the hair roots.


→ How long do I need to stay in Istanbul for Mustache & Beard operation?

The operation is scheduled for 3 days.  On the first day, first consultation and blood tests are completed. Then you have the rest of the first day to enjoy in Istanbul. On the second day, you have the operation for beard & mustache transplantation. We advise that you stay in your hotel and rest for the rest of the second day and night.On the third day we meet you at the hospital for removing bandages and check up. According to your flight schedule, you can have a tour around the city if you have time.


→ What are the Mustache and Beard transplant results expected after an operation at CliniCrew Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul?

The aim of this transplant operation is to provide a natural and good looking beard and mustache. As CliniCrew offers the best beard and mutache transplant services in Turkey, you will not be able to distinguish between your new implanted mustache and your pre-existing facial hair.


 How much does the Mustache & Beard transplant cost at CliniCrew Hair Transplant Centre?

Beard or Mustache transplantation costs 2000 $, any fees for transport and accommodation are not included.