Prp Treatment is a practical method of hair loss therapy and it is suitable for anyone who suffer from baldness. Please contact us for free medical consultation or Prp Treatment cost.


⊕ What is PRP?

PRP Stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is in brief,  injection of your own blood that is platelet-enriched, to your your sculp where hair-loss has been observed. Platelet Rich Plasma contains up to 5 times more platelets than regular blod in our body. As other ingredients, it has PDFG (platelet derived growth   factor), VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) TGF (transforming growth factor) and some other proteins that are known for healing of wounds and aid hair growth.

PRP is the latest technique offered in hair restoration. It is a non-surgical solution against hair loss and weak-structured hair.  It is itself a treatment, but can be applied within a transplantation session as well. It as applicable for both male and female patients who suffer from weakened hair or hair loss.  It helps increase the density of hair, decrease hair loss and supports the transplantation process. It is a painfree process.


⊕ Steps Of PRP Treatment

Prp Hair Loss Treatment Process - Prp Treatment Process For Hair Loss - Best Prp Treatment


⊕ How is PRP applied on Hair Treatment?

As stated above, PRP is a painfree process that takes around an hour.  CliniCrew medical team drows a few miligrams of blood from the patient which is then left for spinning in the centrifuge for 14 minutes. The application area of the sculp is narcotised using a cream so that patients wont even feel the mini injections. A small injector, similar to those used in Botox operations is used to inject the PRP under the skin where hair loss is experienced.


Instructions Before PRP Treatment

There are some points that patients need to consider before PRP Treatmen at CliniCrew Hair Transplantation Center in Istanbul.


⊕ Prior to PRP Treatment, please inform CliniCrew Medical team

  • If you are using any kind of blood thinners such as Plavix, Coumadin or Heparin. Blood thinners may have some contraindicaton to PRP Treatment.
  • If you are using broad beta-blockers like Propranolol, you will be required to ask your doctor to change the type of beta-blocker before PRP Treatment.
  • You are supposed to refrain from smoking at least 3 days before and the day after PRP treatment. Smoking will severely decrease the oxygen level in blood that is key to success for PRP Treatment. If you stop smoking a few weeks before PRP session.
  • Patients should not drink alcohol in the last few days before PRP Treatment.
  • You can use Paracetamol or Tylenol if needed before PRP Treatment.

⊕ On The Day Of PRP Treatment

  • You need to wash your hair with the shampoo that you regularly use. You are not supossed to apply gels, sprays or any other hair-styling chemicals on your hair.
  • Have your regular breakfast and drink half liter of water 2 hours before the PRP session.
  • You do not need to use sadatives for PRP session unless there is possibility of panic attack.


→ How Does It Work?

PRP is used to encahnce hair growth when patients have thinning hair or hair loss. In brief, PRP transposes the hair loss situation.


→ What are The Benefit of PRP Treatment?

PRP can be applied in all cases of hair loss, even when hair transplantation is not possible because of some other illnesses. It as also adviced in addition to hair transplantation to get a way better result.


→ How often do I need to take PRP sessions?

Right after the first consultation, you will be given the first sssion of PRP. The next 2 sessions will be booked in six weeks intervals, and the 4th session will be 3 months after the last session. You may choose to have more sessions every 6 months, depending on the progress of hair restoration.


→ When is it possible to see the positive results?

No comon timing for PRP results because it changes from person to person but we can generally observe the results in 3 to 6 months.


→ How long does each session take?

Approximately 30 to 45 minutes.


→ Can I go back to my daily life after the session?

Yes, there will not be any long lasting effects of the session on you.


→ Is PRP Treatment effective in the balding area?

PRP Treatment works better on the areas where there is hair but weakening or thinning.


→ How well does the PRP Treatment work?

However it is a new technique there is some research evidence that it is useful. CliniCrew medical team will be monitoring the progress between sessions.


→ Will it be useful for my case?

Each individual has a different level of success rate. In some cases 2 sessions are enough to see the results whereas some patients respond to the cure relatively slower.


→ Is it possible to apply PRP Treatment both for men and women?

Yes, there is no restricition of gender for PRP Treatment.


→ How much blood is drawn in a regular session?

It depends on the appication area and the level o hair loss, but regularly it is 50 ccs.


→ Will my head be sore after the treatment?

In most cases patients feel nothing, but it is possible to have some temporary soreness and swelling.


→ How many inejections will be given in my sculp?

The medical team will decide it after the consultation.


→ What are the cons to having PRP Treatment?

Some people may feel uncomfortable about the process because some blood is drawn, and there is some posibility of swelling. In fact, PRP Treatment is proven to be totally safe because it is your own serum that is used in the process.