With the latest and highest technology, which is named Fue hair transplant, applied by the best hair transplant surgeon and crew, Turkey is now in the lead in the world-wide league for baldness treatment, hair implants and hair loss treatment. In addition to successful application of hair surgery, cheaper pricess and lower costs for hair regrowth makes Turkey an attractive destination for you.

At this point, CliniCrew serves for all who suffer from hair loss with the latest Fue Hair Transplant technology for best hair transplant at the highest level of customer care and satisfaction.


⊕ Fue Hair Transplant Technique in Hair Plantation

CliniCrew, the leading hair clinic in Turkey prefers The Fue technique for hair loss treatment. What is FUE hair transplant ? As it provides a pain-free process of operation and minimal scars, patients will be able to leave the hospital in maximum comfort. Since the operation will take about 5 hours, the healing duration will be around 7-8 days, whereas operation and healing duration is x2 and bandages with pain at a considerable amount in the old methods. After fue hair extraction and replacement, hair transplant scars  will be minimized.


⊕ The Advantages Of Fue Hair Transplant

  • All visible effects will disappear after two weeks from the operation.
  • Clients can go on daily life right after the operation because the operation is performed under local anestesia.
  • No any scars or stitch trace.
  • No hard surgical instruments
  • Entirely painless.


⊕ Pre-Operational Stage And Consultation

When you decide to get the best service of hair plantation in Turkey from CliniCrew, you will be required to send us the the pictures of current situation of donor areas and application area in order to make a pre-operational assessment about hair replacement operation.

You will meet CliniCrew at the airport and we will guide you to your hotel where you will rest and have the pre-operational interview. You will be informed about the medical process during the interview.

Blood tests and all required preparation are performed the day before the operation. All hair in the donor area or all around the head is shaved, patient puts on sterilized clothing and necessary drugs and serum are injected before the medical process begins.




⊕ The Operational Process of Hair Plantation at CliniCrew

1- Extraction of The Grafts


At this very first step of hair growth treatment in Fue hair surgery, the follicles for hair transplantation are extracted from the donor areas after anaesthesia (the back side of the head is usually the best donor area, because it is more preserved against hormones and natural factors that cause hair loss.)  The first and only time patients feel a very minor pain is the injection for anaesthesia.

The most important advantage of FUE hair transplant technique is that, the patients will not suffer from the 0.7 – 0.8 mm extraction holes; however it is a painful process in the other methods of extraction. Extraction holes will heal in 24 hours without any disturbing effect or pain after Fue hair extraction. Patient lays face down on a bed specially designed for the process. The comfort is foremost taken into consideration because extraction of follicles will take up to 2 hours 30 minutes. After extraction, donor area is sterilized and bandaged against infections. The extracted follicles are placed in a nutritious solution where they will remain healthy and alive before they are implanted. Note that one graft equals to 2-3 hairs, in some cases even more, and we are careful about not wasting any of them.

Fue Hair Transplant Technique Application - How Fue Works - Does Fue Hair Transplant Works
Fue Hair Transplant Technique Application - How Fue Works - Does Fue Hair Transplant Works

2- Determining The Hair Line


How do we determine the hair line ?

Determining the hairline is so vital step because even if the operation is successful, a hairline that is inaccurate or not proportional frustrates the person. As we age muscles of the forehead become evident over time and new muscles emerge and this causes the hairline to go up. An individual at the age of 20 will not have the same hairline as one at the age of 40. Here our health team emerges and gives advice for the most natural hairline possible. As Clinicrew, we determine together with our patients the most appropriate and natural hairline that can be possible by considering the wishes of their age, forehead structure, muscle density and grafts calculated from the donor area.

Fue Hair Transplant Technique Application - How Fue Works - Does Fue Hair Transplant Works

3- Opening The Channels


The stage for opening micro holes for extracted follicles which takes 40 to 90 minutes depending on the application area.

Fue Hair Transplant Technique Application - How Fue Works - Does Fue Hair Transplant Works

⇒ Perkutan Technique or Microfibromatology Technique?

Depending on the bald area and size of the grafts one of the two techniques above is decided for application by the doctors of CliniCrew. For the desired hair density, the most appropriate technique must be used. Sometimes, both ways of Gouging can be applied for different areas of hair transplant to get the perfect result and highest possible intensity.

⇒ Perkutan Technique, The Advantages

In this technique, it makes it possible to open channels at the very minimum width and depth which is very close to the donor areas. So, transplanted hair follicles will be at a perfect location for natural look and faster recovery after the operation.

⇒ What is the Importance of Expertise at The Stage of Opening Channels ?

The key to success for a much more natural look is the gouging angle of microscopic holes where the extracted follicles will be planted. Even a very small misdirection of the gouging angle will result in abnormal and unpleasant look. Here comes the expertise of CliniCrew. Medical team opens the micro holes in the perfect way that when your transplant hair grows it will be impossible to distinguish between your naturally grown hair and the transplant hair. This is only possible if the medical crew is experts of the process.

⇒ What about pain?

Anaesthesia applied before the operation will help you feel comfortable enough to enjoy your time. You can listen to music, read books or even watch our favourite movie during the operation.

4- Transplanting the follicles


Now is the time to bed the follicles into the micro holes gouged in your scalp. Depending on the number of follicles to be planted, this stage takes 2 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. This is the most important stage of the whole process because the fue hair transplant success rate depends on the results of this stage.

The hairline drawn before the operation plays an important role in this stage. First couple of rows o follicles are placed perfectly to have the natural look then the following rows will be convenient with the first rows in the hairline. The aim is to have the natural looking hair at the most possible rate, not to have some ‘hair’ on your head.

When the hairline is planted, the remaining area is planted carefully to reach the possible highest density of hair transplant.

Fue Hair Transplant Technique Application - How Fue Works - Does Fue Hair Transplant Works
Fue Hair Transplant Technique Application - How Fue Works - Does Fue Hair Transplant Works
After Fue hair transplant,

a detailed control of the target area is processed. This is also an important procedure for success that will take about 15 minutes. Later on, the operation area is cleaned, washed and sterilized for maximum hygiene against any infection.

Above is an overview of the process for successful hair transplantation in CliniCrew Hair Transplantation Centre. At a very high rate of 95 %, our patients are comfortable with the new look. In some very rare situations, a second operation may be required to have a higher density. You need to wait for 10 to 12 months to see the fue hair transplant results and decide if a subsequent operation can be applied because deep analysis of new planted hair and possibility of a new donation area is required before a second session of hair transplantation.

Regardless of their age, Fue hair transplant can be applied for all male and female who suffer from hair loss.


⊕ When will the results come out ?

  • It is expected that the planted hair might fall after 2 weeks from the operation.
  • The new hair begins to grow after 3 months from the operation.
  • You will be starting to observe a satisfied results after 6 months from the operation.
  • And finally the best and desired results come out after 1 year from the operation.